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Wedding Outline

(This is the service outline I use when coordinating a wedding at my church. The asterisked items are almost always incorporated; the others are optional according to the individual couple.)

* Prelude music

Ushers light candle(s) (candelabra, if used)

Mothers light candle(s) (for Unity candle ceremony)

Special music (solo)    (With the right timing, it could be used as the processional for the bridesmaids.)

* Processional(s)    (Usually, I use different pieces for the bridesmaids and the bride.)

* Giveaway (Dad gives away daughter)

* Prayer

* Explanation of Marriage

* Vows

Special music (solo)    (This is a good place for one; it goes very well as background for the Unity candle, when used.)

Unity candle

* Pronouncement ("I now pronounce you man & wife") & Introduction (of newly married couple)

* Recessional

Postlude music


No flash photography or lighted video during ceremony. (This is a rule of our pastors. They feel it disturbs the solemnity of the ceremony. I tend to agree, but I'm a little more flexible - after all, it's your wedding.)

(a Microsoft Word-formatted copy of this is available in the Downloads page.)

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