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Wedding Music

The selection of music for your wedding is a very important ingredient in the creation of your special day.  It's one of the things that makes your wedding different from all others. The music should be a reflection of your personality and feelings for the moment.

Here we have provided lists of suggested music for the different parts of the ceremony.  Instrumental Music is divided into sections relating to the several parts of the wedding where it's typically used (see the wedding outline page for references).  Vocal Music is a list of suggestions for music to be played (or, preferably, sung) during the ceremony, or perhaps at the reception for a special touch.  (With sufficient advance notice, we can arrange to get vocal tracks, and perhaps even a vocalist if necessary.)  And then there's First Dance music; just a small selection of the many songs available for this part of your day.

Unfortunately, we are not able at this time to provide on-line music samples.  If you'd like to hear the songs, a couple of options are available.  First, try finding the song(s) at or your favorite music site; most of their catalog has sound clips.  Another option, for those reserving a date, is to request from us a tape sampler, noting which songs you're interested in.

So browse away!  We hope you find these lists helpful; feel free to bookmark them for future reference!

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Call Us at 954-987-4129 (main) or 954-665-3121 (cell)


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