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Meet The DJ





Just call me Cap'n Al !
Me at a company picnic, years ago - but I do wear a tux for weddings! (unless it's a luau theme!)

The DJ - Al Hajducko

I'm basically a low-key kind of DJ; I play music (great music), do announcements, intro requests & dedications, and keep the party moving.  (A "low-key" DJ is like an easy-listening radio station: more music, less talk.  Don't confuse me with a 'human jukebox', though.)

I have 40+ years experience in sound reinforcement, mostly as a church and concert sound technician.  In college, I both played in bands (bass guitar) and ran their sound, so I also understand music from a musician's point of view.

I provide music for most of my church's special functions, and have been doing their weddings for about 25 years.

I LOVE WEDDINGS!  They're my favorite event.  My biggest challenge, other than getting them to start on time, is making the couple's vows audible to the guests (but I usually succeed).

For receptions - and dinners, and similar events - I like to make sure the music isn't too loud.  This means that you can talk to your guests in most of the room without having to shout, but if you want to dance, it'll be loud enough on the dance floor.  After all, the music isn't the most important thing - the people are!


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