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We're pleased to announce two new services we're offering to the community:



First, with the purchase of some new equipment, we are now able to provide sound virtually anywhere -

- even locations without electric service!

What this means is, even a wedding on the beach, or in the park by the lake, can have full sound services; music, microphones, all of it! And, within certain limits, a full reception (or party, or picnic) can be done similarly.



And for the business community, we're introducing location sound services.

If you're having an off-site meeting, an awards luncheon, even a full-blown dinner party, call us! We can provide sound for up to about 200, and even background music for the 'dead' times if you'd like, all with a qualified professional at the controls to smooth out the potential rough spots.

If popular, we may be able to increase our offerings in this area in the future.


Call Us at 954-987-4129 (main) or 954-665-3121 (cell)


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